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Youth Christian Education

Youth Christian Education offers opportunities for 6th - 12th graders, in Middler and Senior High classes, to explore the Bible and their faith.

Throughout the year, discussions and activities in Sunday School (and at other times) help young people grow spiritually and in discipleship.

Memorial Church - Youth Christian Education
Kirkmont Camp

Kirkmont offers two camps that are especially structured for Youth:1) the PYC Junior & Senior High Conference and2) the Canoe Trip Adventure. Memorial Church covers half the cost for all those who attend. Contact the Pastor or Educator for more details.

Senior High Sunday School

9th - 12th graders explore their faith and everyday life as they study the Bible.

Confirmation Group

The Confirmation Group are welcomed into adult membership, as our youth are received by the Session and publicly profess their faith in Jesus Christ. Please keep our young people in your prayers as they make this important transition in their lives.

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